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About Encore
Equestrian Vaulters


Encore Equestrian Vaulters is a team of committed young people dedicated to demonstrating God's love to the community through the unique sport of Vaulting.  Vaulting is the sport of dance and gymnastics performed in harmony with a moving horse. Rooted in horsemanship training of ancient Greece, vaulting is very popular in Europe and is even the national youth sport of Germany. Introduced to the United States in the early 1970s, vaulting is growing in popularity on our continent.  In 2010 the World Equestrian Games (Olympics for Horse Events) was held in Kentucky.  The United States team won the Gold medal for the first time ever!


Encore Equestrian Vaulters was formed in 2014, and moved to a lovely new facility when Patti and Skip returned to live in Santa Cruz county once again.  This could be a team of "second generation" vaulters as many of Patti's former "Monte Vista Vaulters" still live in the area!

Mission Statement

To provide quality instruction and coaching in all aspects of the sport of vaulting, while achieving excellence in the sport.  To teach basic horsemanship skills and safety.  We desire to do this within a loving and nurturing environment that will encourage students to grow spiritually and develop fully to their God given potential!


  • to enable each student to feel successful and to build their confidence.

  • to teach each student teamwork and responsibility.

  • to help students grow in personal character and life skills.

  • to encourage students to be healthy and physically fit.


Encore Eq. Vaulters is a 501c non-profit club.  All donations are appreciated and will receive a tax donation receipt.

Vaulting team sportsmanship
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