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Meet our Horses

Santa Cruzz
Bey (Oz)

Oz is a 13 yr. old Warmblood/Arab gelding.  He has been shown successfully in Dressage for several years and has traveled extensively.  He has a lovely, smooth canter which he likes to show off.  This has made the transition to vaulting very easy!  He loves the vaulters, especially when they bring treats!  Oz's first vaulting show was our Regionals last Aug. and he was a rock star!

IMG_7462 (1).JPG

Encore's Elegance

"Ellie" is a nine year old Belgian/Quarter Horse mare.  She has very smooth gaits and has taken to vaulting pretty quickly.  She is starting her canter work and will carry Trot and Beginning Canter vaulters this Spring.  Ellie is owned by Grand Danois of Denver, CO.

Renaissance (Reni)

Reni is a 14y year old Haflinger mare. She is very sweet and a little bit sassy! Reni has successfully carried our trot and beginning trot vaulters in competition for the last four years. This year she had her canter debut and is settling in nicely for our smaller canter vaulters.

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